Hayo'u is a groundbreaking self-care method that offers holistic daily self-treatments using Gua sha techniques & tools that are most effective in protecting the body from stress. These simple techniques can fit effortlessly into everyday life with one-minute wellness rituals founded in Chinese philosophy.

Role: Creative Lead
This project was a brand refresh for the brand's launch in the American markets. After reviewing the site's product catalogue, I liked the products' beauty and simplicity and took inspiration from the natural hues and texture, which were so clean and pure. I developed a new colour palette, typography system and photography style to help Hayo'u make a statement when they reintroduced themselves. 

The art direction was to design a digital space that made the product shine yet gave site visitors a calming and tranquil experience whilst browsing their products and learning how to implement these daily rituals into their wellness routine. I enjoyed working with photographer/director George Baxter. He beautifully captured lifestyle images for the brand's new website and social campaign.

Created in 2021​​​​​​​
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