A dynamic Harvard-spinoff biotech pioneers regenerative medicine with innovative neuroprotective techniques halting retinal degeneration. Our mission starts with Retinitis Pigmentosa while envisioning horizons like Dry-AMD and Glaucoma for future breakthroughs.
When InGel entrusted us to create their new cell-based therapy biotech landing page, we saw an opportunity to impact their web presence significantly. Through a collaborative discovery session, we delved deep into their tech, aiming to elevate their brand for their launch day.
Inspired by their vision of restoring light to those living in darkness, we devised an illustrative approach that transformed cell forms into reflective glass-like structures. This art direction not only made the science-based subject more accessible to viewers but also lent a metaphorical visual perspective, resonating with experts in the field.
The result was a visually stunning landing page that beautifully conveyed the essence of their novel neuroprotective mechanism, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and establishing a solid foundation for InGel's journey towards stopping and repairing retinal degeneration.

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Created with HLabs in 2022/23
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