A London-based financial institution that provides short-term loans for several types of real estate with an approach and appeal that differs from the rest of the lenders in the market. Having a solid capital base to lend, Glenhawk helps those looking to buy a new property, invest, or refurbish.

Role: Creative Lead
Glenhawk needed a brand refresh to inject some life and personality into the brand to symbolise the companies rapid growth in a competitive industry. I used the company's culture as a jumping point for the design by introducing a zesty accent colours palette and an illustrative geometric style mimicking architecture to add a difference for the brand's digital and print collateral.
The goal was to create an approachable, playful yet professional brand. To ensure multiple users received an excellent user experience on the new website, I collaborated with the development agency JustCoded that allowed any borrower to calculate the approximate loan amount, additional cost, and interest payable before applying for a loan. 

Created in 2019-20

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