Experience four years of boundary-pushing, no-code interactive storytelling in a bold, typographic depiction. Unveil the company's creative evolution as its tale unfolds through captivating case studies and engaging narratives.

Role: Design Director
In bringing the Founder's vision to life, we embarked on a journey steeped in the agency's brand DNA, featuring a monochromatic colour palette and the powerful Univers font family. Striking visuals of client case studies struck a delicate balance, allowing their work to shine while weaving a captivating tale of accolades and achievements amassed over four fruitful years.
Playing with a single-font family was fun, amplifying messages and statistics that demanded attention, as what we shared was genuinely worth talking about and impressive. The daring introduction of chartreuse as the custom talking cursor acted as an accent, guiding users to dive deeper into the showcased work. Smooth micro-animations and page transitions lent the site an attitude in sync with the aesthetic.
Above all, our message was clear: "Creating stories that matter." We sought to share the incredible work executed, unravelling challenges presented by clients and sharing their inspiring narratives along the way.

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Created with HLabs in 2023
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