"This is How Maine Sounds" is a truly unique acoustic editorial experience that beckons you into the tranquil embrace of the Pine Tree State's natural soundscapes. Immersing readers in seven distinct locations, each a haven of peace and relaxation, carefully curated to transport you to Maine's coasts, forests, and islands. 
In this editorial voyage, we paid homage to Maine's mesmerizing sounds through a symphony of artistic design elements. The quest was to transport readers to the heart of this enchanting destination, evoking a sense of motion that allows them to immerse themselves in the moment – embracing rustling leaves and echoing waves.
Drawing inspiration from the legendary Peter Saville, we wielded a masterful linear graphic language, creating an elegant, sophisticated canvas that flows seamlessly. Layered photography added depth and realism, enticing every visual explorer to venture further into Maine's allure.
The immersive reading experience came to life with brilliant sticky navigation, guiding the audience through a captivating narrative with effortless interaction. 

Created with HLabs in 2023
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