Designing high-octane visuals and bold content for Red Bull's digital platform. It is all about generating excitement, inspiring action, and celebrating the adventure.

Role: Design Director
Red Bull Doodle Art: Know about NFTs
The design challenge was to produce an interactive quiz where creativity and knowledge intertwine for an exhilarating experience. Our design journey was fuelled by a desire to capture the carefree essence of doodling, infusing the quiz with an expressive, playful atmosphere.
Drawing inspiration from the spirited art of doodles, we designed the interface in Redbull brand colour hues, adorned it with hand-drawn elements from their assets libraries, and sprinkled quirky animations. Each visual piece radiates the spontaneity and charm that make doodles endearing, cultivating a fun and engaging user experience.
As users embark on their NFT exploration, they are playfully guided by doodle characters and illustrations. The journey unravels the world of Non-Fungible Tokens – their origins, impact, and unique features. We wanted to create animated vignettes with every question, weaving an element of delight into the learning process.

Created with HLabs in 2023
Climbing up Europe's tallest chimney in Slovenia
We creatively told the story of two brave athletes conquering Europe's tallest chimney in Slovenia, allowing viewers to experience this extreme adventure's challenges, risks, and sheer excitement, delving into the climbers' motivations, preparations, and unwavering determination.
As you ascend, immersive pop-ups reveal technical insights on equipment and safety, accompanied by poignant quotes from the climbers. This project expertly captures the ascending chapters of the narrative, making you feel like an integral part of the heart-pounding ascent.
Engaging short video clips heighten the adrenaline as you intimately join in this celebration of human courage and the relentless pursuit of extraordinary experiences. 

Created with HLabs in 2020
Specialized: Four decades of Innovation

The goal was to craft an enthralling journey through time, immersing readers in the remarkable evolution of Specialized's Stumpjumper trail bike. With a resolute focus, the aim was to showcase the enduring legacy of this legendary wonder as the ultimate trailblazer for four thrilling decades.
The chosen approach hinged on an interactive timeline, meticulously honed for seamless linear navigation. Each milestone in the Stumpjumper's evolution unfolded as readers scrolled, enabling them to relive the bike's captivating history firsthand.
Fully cognisant of visuals' narrative power, we curated a selection of evocative content, from vintage photographs to archived advertisements and action shots, breathing life into each era. This immersive imagery allowed readers to forge a visceral connection, as if transported through time.
Incorporating key moments, technological breakthroughs, and influential riders, we ensured that users could savour the profound impact that shaped the Stumpjumper's legacy. Moreover, we elevated the experience with engaging multimedia elements, seamlessly integrating videos to witness the bike's trailblazing performances and featuring quotes from visionary minds and athletes who contributed to its groundbreaking features.

Created with HLabs in 2020
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