With over two decades of experience, privately owned, award winning leading London developers Regal Homes wanted a brand refresh that embodied their standard of high quality and the unique characters of each of their breathtaking properties.  
The pitch was to build Regal Homes into a more iconic brand and to articulate a compelling sense of purpose to create a coherent brand identity system across all marketing assets. 
It was understood that they were a company that believed wholeheartedly in the positive impact that great architecture, design and craftsmanship can have on the people who live in their homes and the influence that has in turn, on the community around them. So, by refining  the visual language and through photography, pattern and a pop of colour, the properties were brought to the forefront, giving each residency a moment to shine individually, yet still be recognised as a ‘Regal’ home.​​​​​​​

Created in 2015 with Brave New World
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