A digital platform called Portal – an innovative and intuitive tool to connect 6,500 colleagues across five divisions in over 20 countries for the leading business intelligence, academic publishing company Informa. 
This project involved supporting the launch of a new office platform with an exciting animation, teasing employees about the efficiency this intranet would bring to their working lives. The concept utilised the platforms name ‘Portal’ and takes viewers through a vortex of different dimensions and fluid typographic transitions showing them the key features of the tool. 
During story boarding the main feeling that had to be captured was charm, especially due to the simple, playful line illustrations and pastel colour-way. From the cheerful music to the original characters in the animation, crafted by an incredible team in Denmark, it makes you feel as though you are about to be pulled into a world that is going to make your work life a lot more interesting.

Created in 2016 with MSL
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