Kefir – considered the champagne of milk. Bio-tiful Dairy, an award winning cultured milk consumer brand wanted a brand refresh and a complementary packaging design embodying the origins of the product, to have standout shelf appeal amongst its competitors.
During the design process, it was clear that the rich culture of the product had to be presented  monochromatic or dichromatic way with no more than 2-3 colors. 
A clear stark design was produced that showcased the Eurasian heritage of the brand being a 2,000-year-old bio-live drink from the Caucasus Mountains. A playful ident proudly showing the source of the product amongst the remaining negative space allowed a strong use of colour to contrast against the white of the packaging. This really made this product stand out alongside the other brand in well-known consumer outlets nationwide.

Created in 2015 with Brave New World
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